Tips for Hajjis – Part 5

Even as you prepare for the journey of a lifetime, keep in mind that unexpected events will probably occur. Every year is different and every person’s experience is different. Savor the new experiences and focus on the positives. Yes, you will see strange and rude actions and plenty of ignorance. But you will also see grown men shed tears while gazing at the House of Allah (swt) and pleading for mercy and forgiveness. You will see millions of people unite from all corners of the world for one purpose alone: to fulfill the obligation of Hajj and surrender before their Creator. Reflecting on these facts creates a deep respect for our religion. How amazing is the call to prayer which transforms the chaotic amblings of millions of people into perfectly circular lines within the span of a few minutes? How amazing is our faith that pushes people to struggle and give up basic comforts because of a sincere desire to please their Lord? Revel in the voices chanting in unison, marching onward with a single hope, and with a bond that overcomes all walks of life. Witness the power of submission and obedience and how it transforms tired pilgrims into an army of the faithful.

Lastly, as one Hajji said, “Always keep in mind that Hajj is a test. You can prepare yourself as much as possible but nothing [completely] prepares you for the reality of the experience. You will experience highs and lows. There will be moments of great awe as well as moments of great frustration. Pack a bag of patience!”

Although Hajj is deemed as the journey of a lifetime, for many it will be a turning point and the beginning of the journey back to their faith.  For a few people, Hajj will be an ongoing journey as they come back home and try to implement lessons in patience, physical sacrifice, and complete submission. As one scholar advised, “Take your Hajj back home with you. Be in your life as you were on Hajj.”

May Allah bless your Hajj and accept all our good deeds. May Allah make things easy for you and allow you to come back safely.

If you found this advice beneficial, please feel free to share with others and make du`a’ for all the Hajj veterans who shared their experiences.

Hajj Travel Checklist

This is a list to take to Saudi. Everything is available there so don’t fret if you forget anything. A few things are specifically for rites of Hajj and should be packed when you go to Mina.


  • Prescription medicine
  • Small amount of Advil and Tylenol
  • Aleve (for muscle swelling or headaches)
  • Small container of petroleum jelly (Vaseline)
  • Cough drops (Riccola brand is great. Bring a lot. Cough drops with honey is a bonus.)
  • Vitamin C (Tablets or powder such as Airborne)
  • Bengay (or other muscle rub)
  • Pepto-Bismol and/or Immodium
  • Small travel-size First-Aid kit
  • Unscented chapstick with SPF


  • Shampoo/Soap/Deodorant/Sunscreen/Cream (to use while not in ihram [state of purity])
  • Unscented soap
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Disposable razors/nail cutter/small scissors (pack in suitcase since they are not allowed on the plane)
  • Several packs of tissues
  • Miswaak (you can obtain in Saudi)
  • Unscented antibacterial hand sanitizers (to use in ihram)
  • Toliet paper (2 rolls)

Personal Items

  • Ihram clothes
  • Several pairs of thick socks (black)
  • 1 cloth bag with shoulder strap (to place your small items when going to the Haram)
  • Waist Pouch/Money Belt
  • Slippers (Teva or Crocs or any other flip flops)
  • Earplugs/eye cover (if you are a light sleeper)
  • Extra pair of glasses
  • Small Qur`an
  • 7 beads on a string (to keep track of Tawaf/Sa’i)
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Notebook
  • Prayer rug
  • Towel (to use while living in apt buildings)
  • One sheet or sleeping bag (old one that you can leave there)
  • Backpack (to pack things for stay in Mina)
  • Travel Alarm Clock/Watch
  • A few zip lock bags
  • DC/AC electric convertor (for any gadgets like camera/phone)

Books and Documents

  • Hajj and Umrah Made Easy
  • Salaat & Salaam
  • Accepted Whispers
  • Prayers for Forgiveness
  • Inner Dimensions of Hajj (notes by Sh. Mokthar)
  • Your personal du`a’ list
  • Photocopy/picture of your passport page


  • Lots of Energy/Protein/Granola bars/snacks (take some extra to share with roommates


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