There was a Man…

There was a man who taught us that we should love a woman not just for her looks (beauty) and personality, but because of the potential she has in bringing us closer to our Lord and His paradise.

He taught us that just because she is older
than you, or has been divorced, does not mean that she will be any less of an amazing wife or an amazing mother.

He taught us that the strongest of men are not those who are physically or verbally abusive towards their wives, daughters, sisters or mothers but rather those that are the most respectful and compassionate toward them. That man was my prophet and yours, Mohammad -Salla Allahu’alaihi wa sallam- ♥

‘Abdullah b.’Amr reported Allah’s Messenger (sallAllahu ályhi wasallam) as saying •►”The whole world is a provision, and the best object of benefit of the world is the pious (righteous) woman.”

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