The Boy who tried to escape Death – LAST PART

Slowly the soil of the ground is thrown over the body of Ahmad. Minute by minute the hole of the grave begins to fill. Family, relatives and friends watch down in sadness, some crying out of grief, others crying out of fear that one day they will be in Ahmad’s situation, dead.

They all sit around Ahmad’s grave until the time appointed.Slowly everyone leaves the burial ground with tears in eyes…..

Ahmad’s father and his wife prepare for bed. Both kept very silent that night, only making continuous Du’a to Allah.

The next morning at Fajr time, Muhammad rises from his sleep smiling and in what seems to be, a very excited state.

“‘Aliya! ‘Aliya! Wake up!” Muhammad shouts out shaking his wife waking her up.

“Ahmad!” ‘Aliya surprisingly calls out as her eyes open up.

“I dreamt of Ahmad in a beautiful kingdom!” Muhammad says excitedly.

“What?! AllahuAkbar! I dreamt of the same thing!” ‘Aliya calls out.

“This could be a good sign!” Muhammad says.

Moments later the phone rings. Muhammad picks it up only to find the Imam of the local Masjid on the other side of the line.

‘Aliya looks into the eyes of her husband and notices his face light up with even more happiness and hope.

After a couple of minutes Muhammad puts down the phone and tells his wife the amazing news. The Imam had the exact dream as Muhammad and ‘Aliya! After they made Salat and for the past hour, phone calls poured in from relatives and friends. Allah has made Ahmad as a good example to all, and has made all those who knew him to dream of his good condition in the Hereafter.

That day, Mo and the girl were buried. Very few turned up to their burial, not even their close contacts…

The Prophet of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “When the soul of a believer comes out [of its body], two angels receive it and rise with it towards the heavens, whereupon the inhabitants of the heavens say, ‘A good soul has come from the earth. Allah has blessed you and the body which you used to occupy.'” [Sahih Muslim]

Ayaat of the Quran and many ahadith give us a detailed picture of the events that take place at the time of death. From these sources the following facts emerge:

The Angel of Death comes to the believer, sits at his/her head and says, ‘O you good soul, come out and receive your Lord’s forgiveness and pleasure.’ Then the soul flows out effortlessly just as water flows from the mouth of a waterskin. When the soul of a believer comes out of its body, two angels [besides the angel of death] receive it to escort him to the Heavens. They bring with them beautiful clothing from Jannah, some fragrance of musk, and a vase from Jannah. Then they ascend with the soul to Heaven, and they do not pass with it by any group of angels but they say: ‘What is this good and sweet-smelling soul?’

The two angels tell them (he is) “such” the son of “such,” choosing the best of the names he used to be called in this life, until they reach the lowest sky. They ask permission to enter, and they are granted entry. Thus they ascend from one heaven to the next until they end at the seventh heaven, then to Allah, Exalted and High.

Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) commands: “Write the book of my servant in ‘Illiyeen.’” [Al-Quran 83:18] And so the believer’s book/record of deeds is written in Illiyeen. Then Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) says, “Return him to the earth, for (I promised them) I have created them from it, and into it I shall return them, and from it I shall extract (resurrect) them a second time.” [Al-Quran 20:55] So his soul is returned to earth and reenters his body. Thus, his time in Barzakh begins.

MAy Allah bestow us with death when he is pleased with and save us from sudden death accidentam deaths in which we may not remember Him aameen

the end

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