Missing you sooooooo much ‘O’ Ramadan

Ramadan has come and gone so swiftly…A big hole that Ramadhan has left upon it’s departure… last year we didn’t know that we were going to reach this Ramadan…but All Praise be to Allah subahanhu wa ta’ala who gave us another Ramadan.

What a great month it was with jam packed masjids for tarawih salah and tahajjud….missing the sisters whom i got to know during the taraweeh prayers, missing the enlightened iftars, missing the long qiyam layl and ibadah..

Allah’s Mercy is immense in this blessed month..and as sooooon as it leaves…as soon as the month of shawwal comes in… we feel happy that it is EID  but there is this really sad feeling inside of us… that cannot be explained… the feeling of Ramadan departing…


Everything feels soo different during that month and when it is all over..i get that empty feeling inside….Worshipping is a sacred act but in Ramadan you just felt like doing more and more, and you had this inner peace, comfort and happiness. Now our life will get back in the same clock-work automatic robot fashion with us just moving along half empty.
I wonder… i just wonder if i will be here for the next Ramadan… Let’s make dua that we live to see Ramadan again and i pray that Allah SWT accepts our fast, ibadah and all deeds of this Ramadanand multiples our rewards, and allows us to continue on the rest of the year with the zeal of Ramadan. May Allah SWT, with His Immense favour on us, and His mercy bless us with another Ramadan and give us its blessings. ameen and may Allah SWT help us live with the training we received in Ramadan for the rest of these 11 months. Ameen.


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