Don’t forget the Eid Gifts!!

Ahhhh. SubhanaAllah….We are celebrating the most joyous day Eid-ul-Fitr Today (In India)….Our Eid has come to bring us peace to bring us love to charish our life. Eid, A day of tremendous joy and unparalleled happiness that marks the conclusion of Ramadan with memorable golden moments of heavenly songs, triple hugging of random people at the masjid, heartfelt family reunions, gift-giving to all your loved ones, and bitterly vicious fighting in your community over when to actually sight the moon and announce it while subsequently declaring others who don’t follow your sighting as deviant. This is the unparalleled joy of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Of all the Eid festivities, what everyone looks forward to the most isn’t gorging on food mid-day nor is it the notion that the sins you commit now can totally go back to being blamed on Shaitan. What everyone (kids most of all) always look forward to year after year are the EID GIFTS. There’s nothing like the feeling of being a giddy little schoolgirl waiting in agonizing anticipation for the moment you rip open a mysteriously wrapped box to reveal a glittering prize that validates your entire childhood (or child-like adulthood for you weirdos out there).

So please dont disappoint both the elders and the toddlers in your family about the Eid Gift 🙂

These are (in the pics) few of my eid gifts which are packed and ready to go, InshaAllah  (Interesting Children Islamic books, Pretty scarfs for girls in the family and my kitchen goodies prepared by me with lots of love and packed to give as a gift to those i visit, InshaAllah :-)) Now, Whats your gift ideas??

May you have a truly blessed and a fulfilled Eid, InshaAllah. Do remember us in your Dua’s.

Your Sister in Islam

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