Authenticated way of wishing each other on Eid

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,
The most blessed day is here and in Saudi, they have already announced the beginning of eid day as tommorrow. During this most blessed night when the rahmath and mercy of Allah (SWT) is flowing, let us quickly learn the etiquette of wishing on Eid as followed in The Sunnah.
We wish each other during the occasion of Ramadhan,  Eid etc as “Mubarak”, “Kareem” and other phrases.
But we need to know and follow what is prescribed in the sunnah. Masha Allah, few of you would be following this already.
The authenticated way of wishing is
Taqabballaahu minna wa minkum – May ALLAH (swt) accept it (our deeds) from us and you.
Let’s welcome Eid Al-Fitr with an attitude of gratitude and a renewed spirit of Taqwa in our hearts

Taqabballaahu minna wa minkum!!


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