It’s your choice!

After wearing her veil, she stared too long to her reflection on the mirror… a satanic voice whispered to her :”something is missing dear! your face looks pale, come on… a little touch of make-up won’t harm anyone!”

she took the lipstick with a shaking hand, look at it for a minute between her fingers
The voice whispered to her again :”Just do it! many Hijabi girls applies make-up so why wouldn’t you do it?!”

she said to her reflection in the mirror :”but if some Muslimat do it, it doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do, isn’t?!many Muslimat don’t wear Hijab, does that mean I should not wear it like them?!”
“yeah but you will look more beautiful with make-up!”the voice whispered again

With a little hesitation, she raised the lipstick to her lips to apply it…
suddenly she stopped!
“wait” she said to her reflection ”but am I not wearing Hijab to protect myself from insolent eyes of opposite sex?! putting on make-up contradicts with the real purpose of Hijab!”

There was silent before she heard that satanic whispers again :”but dear you will apply make-up to yourself not to others!!”
“am I?!!” she said”so if I apply it to myself, why wouldn’t I apply it at home too?!!”

“ok ok! so what are you trying to say?!! Are you telling me that make-up is Haram?!!”the voice said after a minute of silence
“of course not!” she said “Make up is not Haram if the Muslimah wears it to beautify herself in front of her husband or she wears it in occasions where there is no free mixing between men and women! The most important is that non Mahram men don’t see her with make-up”

“who said so?!!” asked the voice
“Allah says so!! In Qur’an Surat an-Noor Ayah 31… and now go away!! A’ydhu billahi mina shaytani rajeem (I seek refuge in Allah from the cursed shaytan!”

Alhamdulilah! there were no whispers again!
She smiled to herself in the mirror, put the lipstick back to its place!
Yes! she seeks to be beautiful but only in Allah’s sight as an obedient servant … She is not a piece of candy to attract eager eyes to her! She loves to be natural and red of shyness is the only thing which beautifies her!

“How great to be an obedient servant !!” she said that to herself before leaving her room to go out.



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