Alhamdulillah – All Praises to the Almighty!

Alhamdulillah!! By the Greatest Mercy of Allah and with all your sincere Duas, Our first event of “Pearls of Wisdom” on July 8th, Sunday was a great success and each one of us delivered an effective speech to make an impact on the audience and ourselves. All Praises and Thanks belongs only to Allah to make this happen. May Allah(SWT) hold our hands and guide us in this phase of our Dawah and help us to start this new journey of forbidding evil and enjoining good and help us to bring a change within ourselves and bring a change in the Ummah.

Ameen Ameen Ameen Ya Arhama Raahimeen.

Jazakallahu Khairan!
Your Sister in Sislam



    • Jazakallahu Khairan KK. Unfortunately, we did not record it and one of the reason for it was there were few niqabi sisters (veiling the face) who gave their lecture without their niqabs (veil). And yes, we missed audio recording too as we were too busy. InshaAllah, next time.

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