Al Hijab…….

This video addition is intended not only for my Muslim sisters who don’t wear hijab but also for women who wear it…(just to know the value of HIJAB).

I am convinced that Allah SWT has indeed commanded hijab. If we are agreed that the Quran and the Sunna do command hijab, then the real question is: how important is it to you to follow what Allah SWT has commanded in the Quran and Sunna?

It’s your choice. Is it important for you to obey Allah SWT? Do you think you should submit your will to His? Do you believe that He knows what is best for you?  Are you willing to set aside your dislike and to try to seek the wisdom in what He has commanded? Are you motivated to try to surrender to Him even though it may be difficult for you? Is the promise of Jannah worth going through some hardship now?

Please consider each of these questions. If you are sincere in your commitment to Allah SWT, and in your choice of Islam as a religion, don’t you think you should give hijab a try?

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