Self Evaluation Guide – SECTION SEVEN


-what did you spent the most time on this year?

-are you satisfied with this?

-if not, where do you want most of your time to be spent?

-what changes do you need to make to accommodate this?

-do you have good time management skills?

-if not, what can you do about it?

-can you read a book about it?

-can you spend some money doing a course on time management?

-do you have a daily or weekly to do list, which lists all of the tasks you need to complete?

-what would be an example of a day in your life where time was well spent?

-how much free time did you have on average per week this year?

-what is the number one activity you participated in?

-are you satisfied with this?

-how many hours of free time do you currently have?

-how can you better spend free time?

-how can your free time make you closer to Allah?

-how much tv do you watch?

-do you spend more time watching tv or talking to your spouse and children?

-can you reduce your tv time?

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