Self Evaluation guide – SECTION THREE

Your money

-Is your income (i.e. job) Halal? If you’re not sure, who can you consult about this?

-have you increased your wealth during last year?

-how have you thanked Allah for it?

-did you pay your Zakat?

-how often and how much (approximately) did you spend in charity?

-what kinds of things, people, causes did you spend on this year?

-do you keep track of expenses?

-do you have a personal budget?

-did I make a will to make sure that my property and belongings are divided Islamically after I die?

-has your debt increased or decreased?

-have you completely stopped taking and giving Riba (interest)?

-what are the top five worthy causes to give to next year?

-what have you done to support Muslim businesses in the last year?

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